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Sunday, October 3, 2010

post #15

You walk in the doorway; sanctuary. The sights, sounds, smells; you're immediately calmed by your surroundings. The people are nicer, the world is brighter.

You're at Starbucks.

You step in line. Maybe you're looking at the menu, or maybe at the people sitting down, cups set aside, laptop screens casting light on their faces. You could be tapping your foot to the slow, soothing beat of the music playing.

You could could be break-dancing in utter glee. Seriously, it's Starbucks.

You finally make your way to the register, smiling at the cashier.

One tall toffee mocha frappuccino and a blueberry scone, please.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. You are handed your blueberry scone. You wait until no one's looking and take a massive, revolting bite.


After what feels like an eternity:

Tall toffee mocha!

Hold the cup, grab a straw, take a sip.

Your day just became a million times better.


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