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Thursday, November 11, 2010

post #1

first off, chandler says hi (she asked me to say this. ha.)

second, i refuse to use proper capitalization rules in this post. deal.

third, i have finally reached my boiling point. i never thought it would happen so early in the year, but now, at the very end of october beginning of november, i have decided that if one more person decides to add to my load of stress, whether it be another assignment, more discouragement, anything that has to do with work ever, get them away from me.

how did i get to this point?

edit: i began writing this last week, and never finished it. but i feel the same way now as i did then, so let me further explain.

sleep has become a myth. well, not really, because i fall asleep over my textbooks every night. homework is the only thing i have time to do. writing is a luxury (even if i have a novel to finish by the end of the month. bah). and teachers are absolutely, positively, incandescently my least favorite people on the face of this earth. is it really realistic to make all your tests on the same day? no, it's not, because i forget to study for one of said tests and fail. i don't like to fail. i keep failing. i really want to not fail. and now i have to go study some more.

happy first blog of the quarter?


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