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Thursday, January 6, 2011

christmas journal #5

Christmas music. 

You'd think I'd adore Christmas music. I Iove Christmas, I love music. But together? It can create some pretty horrible songs. 

Don't get me wrong, some Christmas songs are awesome. And sometimes I listen to Christmas albums in June, just because I love them that much. But tuning into radio stations all through the month of December, all you can hear are the haunting melodies of overplayed Christmas songs. I probably heard at least 12 arrangements of Santa Baby and Last Christmas this holiday season, and if I have to hear I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas one more time, I might pull my own hair out. That song. That stupid, whiney, annoying, pitiful song. I hate that song. There is nothing joyful or pretty or remotely positive about it. 

So in conclusion: Christmas songs are good. Overplayed ones are bad. And I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas should never see the light of day again. Ever.    


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