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Saturday, May 7, 2011

post #10

american idol opinions are back. let's roll, bros.

1. james durbin - closer to the edge - one of my favorite songs of all time. not excited to hear james sing it. he has this uncanny ability of taking my all-time favorite songs and turning them into stomach-turning, headache-inducing performances that the judges rave fanatically about (*cough* UPRISING BY MUSE *cough cough*) this performance was no different. pitchy, unimaginative, and forced. and i'm pretty sure the judges loved it. ugh.

2. jacob lusk - no air - um. wow. jacob was gettin' low. like, really, really low. i felt violated through the entire duration of this performance. no one should ever dance like that outside a club. it was obscene. and the singing was just awkward. if you plan on singing a duet song, make sure it doesn't sound like that. ever.

3. lauren alaina - flat on the floor - i can't believe this girl is younger than me. crazy. with the makeup and hair for this week (at least in her second performance), she could pass for late-twenties. anywho, girl can saaaang. and she knows exactly who she is and what she should be singing, which is very commendable for a girl her age. country music needs her. seriously.

4. scotty mccreery - gone -

his face during this performance made the entire night worthwhile for me. he's so energetic. and his voice is so good. i adore this kid. can't wait for his hometown visit; i seriously want to go.

5. haley reinhart - you and i - i love how everyone was flailing and whining about haley singing an "unreleezed gaga sawng~~*~*" when the song has been for about a year, gaga has sung it live in concerts and on television, and tons of people know about it. i just think the american idol judges are just massively uneducated in the music world. anywho, it was pretty good. she sounded good. looked good. thing is, it didn't have half the feeling that the original does. still, not bad by any stretch of the imagination. 

6. james durbin - without you - i applaud his passion. really, the emotions were giving me goosebumps through this. plus, the song's a classic and i love it. thing is... he didn't sound good. if he had sounded good, it may've been the best of the night. but he didn't sound good. therefore i'm sitting here, wondering why he's still in the competition.

7. jacob lusk - love hurts - ughughugh i love gospel music yesssss. jacob brought it in this one. still, it wasn't memorable enough to keep him in the competition. despite the awesome vocals and stylistics, jacob still went home, and with little legacy because his recent performances haven't been all that fantastic. oh well. if he makes a record, i'll probably buy it. he's an awesome, genuine vocalist. 

8. lauren alaina - unchained melody - my favorite cheesy love song! like steven tyler, i don't have much to say about this one. she looked flawless, sang beautifully, and it all just worked.

9. scotty mccreery - always on my mind - serious side of scotty. OHOHOHO ALLITERATION WHAT NOW. but i really, really loved this one. he has such an amazing, country voice. i feel like those two words shouldn't go together, but in all honesty, scotty is making me appreciate country music again. i used to love it years ago, but with the taylor-swift-pop-country-infusion explosion, i've kind of lost my faith in the genre. scotty's restoring it, though, and i want him to win the season for that reason. OH LOOK A RHYME I AM A BEAST.

10. haley reinhart - house of the rising sun - the performance of the night. absolutely, 100% flawless. i really believe this girl has a place in soul music or something of the sort... y'know, i don't care which genre she wants to work in; as long as she pulls out songs like this, i'm buying them. great way to end the night.

i don't know if i'll be doing these opinions next week, but i might do a recap of the finale if i can. hoorah~


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