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Thursday, May 5, 2011

post #9

hello. i am in history class as of the current moment. i'm sure you don't really care, but i felt as if i'd let you know. i needed 12 more posts for the quarter, so i figured i'd knock one out.

this week has been going by quite fast, but each day has been going by excruciatingly slow. this was the first week back from spring break. i liked spring break. it was relaxing. i am now no longer relaxed. i am stressed, and exhausted, and both of these factors affect my writing style immensely. my friend stacey is next to me, looking at pastries. she wants a cannoli, or however you spell it. they look pretty magnificient. now we're looking at chocolate covered strawberries. i want one.

this has been the most interesting blog post in the history of my blog. i'm sure you're impressed.



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