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Saturday, April 2, 2011

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i've been trying to write, but lately my muse has been really, really lame and unhelpful. thing is, i'm pretty sure the reason why i can't write anything with any substance these days is because nothing's going on in my life right now. nothing interesting, at least. i go to school, i come home and complain about school, i do homework, i eat, i sleep. that's all. even on weekends, nothing happens. i usually just spend my day mindlessly surfing the internet. there's a car honking outside. i hope it stops soon. it did. oh, it started again. someone really needs to do something about that. it's really distracting me from my writing. oh my gosh it's not stopping. the honking is going to go on fore- okay it stopped. i'm going to stop writing before it starts again.

here, have a dapper cat:

good day, fine sirs and madams. 


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