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Friday, March 18, 2011

post #20

dear friend o' mine,

you're so freakin' cool.

no, seriously though.

we may not like all the same things. fact of the matter is, we don't. but when it comes to us, it doesn't matter. we bond over things that normal people don't: we're meme-obsessed, we watch the qvc, and we both laugh at everything. i don't know why, exactly, but whenever i find something new in common with you, i just appreciate our friendship all the more.

you make me laugh more than any other person on earth. i'm so blessed to have a friend as hilarious as you. i'm pretty sure if you weren't in my life, i wouldn't live as long. ... cuz you live longer when you laugh a lot. right? yeah.

you're so easygoing, too. you're probably the one friend that doesn't over-analyze crap that doesn't need to be over-analyzed. you see things the way i do, and it's the coolest thing in the world.

last but not least, you listen. i love you for listening, or at least pretending you do. because i have to be the one that listens all the time (well, a lot of the time, because in a lot of my friendships, i'm the talker), and it's just nice to have a friend who talks just as much as she listens. usually it's one or the other.

i was just thinking about all of my friends, and for whatever reason, you just stuck out in my mind today. so i wrote this letter to you. you may or may not read this, because you did take an interest in my blog at one point (which is so cool too fdjjkfhsdl). so yeah, i'm pretty sure you'll know who you are if you ever read this.

i love you. a lot.


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