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Friday, March 18, 2011

post #17

oh hello, blog readers.
i've always wanted to put reviews on this blog. i guess you could call me a critical person. i love reviewing, especially music. so i came up with this idea...
you all know the show american idol, right? some people quite like it (such as myself), and others find it mind-numbingly dull, or just plain bad. if you are one of the latter, you may not enjoy this idea very much, because i plan to review american idol. maybe not every week, but every time i feel like it. don't worry if you don't like the show, or haven't watched it. this is, first and foremost, a writing blog, and i plan to keep it that way. so scattered in between poems, or stories, or life musings, you, dear reader, will be able to find american idol reviews. hoorah.

so anywho, wednesday night, the top 12 contestants of season 10 performed. i actually haven't seen all the performances yet, but from what i have seen, there are some great ones. such a huge step above last season. i'll be commentating on each performance (some as i listen to them, others from memory).

here we go!

oh! and this week's theme is "songs from the year you were born". i could probably rant for days about how much i hate this theme, but i really don't have a year, and i'm sure you don't either.

1. Naima Adedapo - What's Love Got to Do With It? - Fun fact: this song used to come on the radio station my family listened to back when I was a youngin'. Good times. I used to belt this one like the diva I truly was. But anywho, this performance just flat out sucked. One of the worst of the night, by far. I really do like Naima, though; she has crazy style, a great story, and a really cool voice. But this was just filled with pitch issues, and was boring and awkward and baaad.

2. Paul McDonald - I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues - Another one of my favorite classics. So here's the thing: I think I might be in love with Paul. He moves around on stage like everybody's drunk uncle, and it's just so wonderfully endearing to me. And he has a nice smile. And a cool beard. And really weird, fruity fashion sense. So yeah, aside from this dude pretty much being my spirit animal, I also really, really love the way he sings. This performance really wasn't that good until he hit the chorus, but in his defence, he was sick. But yeah, still respectable.

3. Thia Megia - Colors of the Wind - This girl has the name of a winner. Thee-a Muh-Gee-Uh. It rhymes. Therefore it is brilliant. Anywho, the performance was lovely, she looked lovely, and that's really all there is to it. She did the song justice and it wasn't pitchy. The judges seemed to have problems with it, but I liked it.

4. James Durbin - I'll Be There For You - Did anyone else get all excited when they heard the song title, thinking James was gonna sing the Friends theme song? Just me? Okay. So it's not the Friends theme song. I wasn't jumping up and down over this performance, but I do like Adam Lam- I mean James (he really doesn't sound like Adam at all, and he and Adam aren't the only artists that "scream", but seriously, he picks all the same songs and does all the same arrangements as Adam did, so I totally have a right to call him out on it.) The performance got better towards the end, but I was kind of bored. I second Steven Tyler's plea for James not to go too pop-y. This guy is a great performer, and a great singer, but this week wasn't great for me.

5. Haley Reinhart - I'm Your Baby Tonight - I really can't stand this girl. I'm sorry. Something about her just bugs me to the core. But ohmygosh the lipstick thing was the best thing to happen on American Idol since I don't know when. So awkward and hahahahahahhahaha-inducing. The performance was dull and almost formless, in a sense. I just want her to go home already.

6. Stefano Langone - If You Don't Know Me By Now - FAVORITE. Ohmylord, this is one talented kid. He just sings well. Really well. And he's contemporary enough to make it in today's industry. It all just works together. This performance wasn't anything groundbreaking, but it was a song that was sung well, and that's all that matters.

7. Pia Toscano - Where Do Broken Hearts Go - First off, she's so pretty. Seriously. This performance was pretty boring, and lacking in energy. She's a natural diva with her voice, though. American Idol hasn't had a contestant like her in a while; someone who could belt big notes, and do it well. She'll go places, once she picks better songs.

8. Scotty McCreery - Can I Trust You With My Heart? - Pfffffffahahahhahaha HIS FACE. I don't know why, but every time he smiles at the camera, I just burst out laughing. He has this awesomely stupid face. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. I really quite liked this performance, actually. A genuine country boy with a genuine performance. I can actually feel what he's singing, stupid face and all.

9. Karen Rodriguez - Love Will Lead You Back - Girl, what is going on on your head.
Here, have a picture:

I just... what is this whole outfit I don't even. The hair, though. The hair is spectacularly weird. Well, anywho, the performance was so dull I can't even think of something to say about it. She seems like a really sweet girl, though, and I love it when she sings in Spanish. This performance did nothing for me.

10. Casey Abrams - Smells Like Teen Spirit - In the beginning I was totally loving it. He brought out the bass guitar, and it was all just great and dandy. Then he hit the middle of the song, and it just got creepy. The way the lights hit his face... he looked possessed. And the sounds he was making (I suppose you could call it singing, but like... what). Overall it was just really, really fun to watch. But also slightly horrifying.

11. Lauren Alaina - I'm the Only One - Lauren was also sick on performance night. I still think she did a really good job. Sort of forgettable. She has a good voice, and nice charisma. Knows how to work a crowd. I don't know. Not a fan yet.

12. Jacob Lusk - Alone - Oh Lord, this man has sass. A lot of it.  He's kind of hilarious. He sang one of my favorite songs of all time. Some parts were spectacular, others were cringe-inducing. Overall, it really amazes me how he leaves all of himself on the stage when he performs. I don't think I've ever seen that kind of passion before in my life. He's one of my favorites, for sure.

ohmygosh I'm finally done. This was exhausting. And these are probably very boring. Hopefully I can snark more next time?


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