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Thursday, March 17, 2011

post #14

So there's this concert I really want to go to. It's my favorite band, the venue is 3 hours away, it's on an exam day that I'm pretty sure I don't have to go to. Words cannot describe how much I want to be there.

This band pretty much got me through freshman year. And that's saying a lot, because freshman year was one of the worst of my life. They make amazing music, a great amount of which have inspired pieces I've written or blog posts in the past.

The thing is, these things never go as plan. My mom might say no. KIDDING, my mom said yes because I have the best mom ever. The tickets might sell out before I get a chance to buy them. The person who I want to go with (I would never go see this band without her) may not be able to get her parents to say yes.

You know what sucks? This stupid concert is all I can think about. I feel like seeing this band would be... well, not necessarily a fulfillment. I guess for lack of a better way to explain it, it'd be a teenage dream come true.

I really, really want to go.


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