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Thursday, March 17, 2011

post #6

This is a story about a girl and her mother.

"I don't know my purpose," the girl said.
"It's midnight, honey. We need to go to bed."
The girl nodded as she started to cry,
The mother, aggravated, replied with a sigh.
"Read your Bible, you waste so much time," the mother harshly reproved.
The daughter cried harder, feeling less than soothed.
"I wanted support, not a lecture, and what you said isn't true!"
Then the mother broke down, and she cried too.
So the mother and daughter held each other's hands,
Said their apologies and prayed to God all of their plans,
They told Him their woes and confusions in their lives,
And, in those confessions, they became so much closer that night.
Moments like these remind me why I'm here,
And also that, with a hand to hold, I have nothing to fear.    


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