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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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I've been thinking about this word for a few days now. More building it up within yourself than for other people, though. Tolerance. 
Teenage years are tolerance. Building up enough strength and immunity to face the evil of the ever-elusive "real world". There's evil in high school, too. It takes different forms; insecurity, taunters of the insecure, tyranny (ahem, teachers), pride, envy, and the list goes on. 
How does tolerance come into play? Coming out of high school having learned something is easier said that done. Older people tend to block out their teenage years; too painful, or too insignificant. Only, it isn't. Adults fight the same battles everyday that they did in high school. Their bosses mistreat them. Their coworkers gossip. They don't get that raise that they deserve. The lazy coworker gets the office with the better view. 
Adults are babies. They tell us to grin and bear it, the whole high school experience. If they were to attend the high school of my generation, I'm sure they wouldn't be able to handle it.
They never built up the tolerance.
I haven't even spent two years in high school. Even so, I have learned to appreciate what I have, to ignore those who attack my insecurities, and to respect the dictators teachers that sit in the front of the classroom (really, I'm exaggerating. Most of the teachers aren't that brutal. And yet, some are). I'm numb towards the judgement of others. I feel like I'm strong enough to face so much more than an adult can.
I hope I take something from high school, in the end. If nothing academic, than this lesson of tolerance. Sometimes the things you learn on your own are more significant than what you learn at school.
Maybe I'm naive, short-sighted, quick to judge. Adults have it as hard as I do, if not much, much harder. But from my naive, short-sighted, biased view of the world, I think it'd do everyone a world of good to remember how to overcome battles, however difficult they may be.


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