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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Friends are the people you share your heart with. The sad, the happy, and especially the awkward. They're the people you make future plans with; wishes at 11:11. You stick with them through the good and the bad, and aren't afraid to tell them anything; especially when they're doing something stupid. You hope they let you know if you're doing something stupid, too. They're your complete opposite, but at the same time, they're your other half. You don't know what you'd do without them.

Friends are the people you go to for guarenteed laughter. Innumerable inside jokes are made, but rarely forgotten, even though there are so many. You know a friend is amazing when you can sing Beatles songs with them all through lunch, and neither of you are the least bit ashamed (even though you should be). They're beautiful from the inside out; you know from all the conversations you've had, ranging in depth. They light up your life in the most beautiful ways.

Friends are the people you admire. You may be older, but you look up to them in ways they probably wouldn't understand. They never judge, and they're always kind. Even when you're speaking worthless drivel, and not completing your thoughts, they know exactly what you're saying, and what you're feeling. You can tell them everything. Everything. You can talk to them for hours and not be bored. You can trust them with your life and know that they'll protect you, whether they know they're trying or not.

Friends are the people that talk your ear off, and they know how you'll react to every single word they say. They make fun of you (jokingly, of course), because they know you'll come back with some sort of hilarious, stuttered comeback. They know you like the back of their own hand. They don't like it when you change, because the love you the way you are. But, they deal. They love you no matter what.

Friends are the most interesting people you know. They're overdramatic sometimes, and it just makes your petty problems disappear. You admire their style, and even more, their natural beauty. You kind of envy them, but not enough to admit, even to yourself. They're talented, and confident in themselves. You envy that, too. You love talking to them, giving advice. You just want the best from them, whether they're up or down. You know they want the same for you, too.

Friends are the people you write notes to in class. You talk about nothing, and everything, all in one. Laughing together makes time fly, and brightens your day. Being around them just makes everything less stressful. You sometimes question how one person can be so funny. Because, really, how is it even possible to be that funny?

Friends are the people with larger than life personalities. They surprise you, and amaze you, with how influential they are. They're hilarious. Always heard. You're so different, but with your friendship, you take a piece of their personality with you, and you love yourself so much more for it.

Friends are the people you talk to with your eyes only. Sometimes a "hello", sometimes "what's up". You look at them, and you just laugh. You've shared many memories, and you don't even need words. Your shared laughter speaks more than words can. Then again, it doesn't speak all that much at all. You're usually laughing about absolutely nothing in the first place.

Friends are the sweet people that you sometimes don't understand. They tell you their thoughts, and laugh at all your jokes, and you just laugh with them. Their laughter is musical, and contagious. Their mannerisms alone are enough to make you smile. They're a mystery sometimes.

In conclusion, I love my friends.


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