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Monday, September 27, 2010

post #8

I feel like every post in this blog is just dripping with teen angst. I figure I'd change that.

I'm a naturally happy person; always have been. I find that it's easier to forget petty problems than to dwell on them. It's easier to take notice of the good things in life. It's easier to give a compliment than an insult. It's easier to smile, rather than frown.

"Happy" is a very basic word, and a very basic feeling. It's a shame that some people don't understand it, or don't feel it. Happiness is feeling light. Happiness is being a light.

Laughter and happiness, for me, are synonymous. The sound of laughter is the most joyful thing in the world. Laughter filling up your chest, lungs, exploding from you, is the most beautiful feeling.

The first time you laugh, or smile, as a child; it's a monumental moment. The first time you feel happiness in your life; it's special, memorable.

No one remembers the first time you cry. They only remember the first time you smiled.

So turn that frown upside down. Don't worry, be happy. It's so freeing, and beautiful to see. If you're sad, fake it 'til you make it. Make happiness a habit, and the rest of the world will follow suit.


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