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Friday, December 10, 2010

post #12

Good day, dear readers. Today I have a story for you all.

There once was a student (spoiler alert: this student is me) taking a Spanish test. She was nearly finished answering questions in Spanish when one question in particular stopped her dead in her tracks.

Quien eres?

Now, to those who don't know what this means, it means "Who are you?". What is your identity? And she stopped, pen hovering over her paper, utterly perplexed.

Who am I? she thought to herself. Musical, for certain, but she didn't know what that word meant. Pretty? No. Beautiful? Even more off. Intelligent? Humorously mistaken. She went through the list of vocabulary words in her head, and nearly cringed at the fact that none of them seemed like her.

Finally, she scrawled, Yo soy interesante. I am interesting.

But is this girl really that interesting?

Her teacher seemed to think so, after this student saw the smiley face on her paper next to the ever-brooded-upon answer.

Maybe she is interesting. I haven't decided yet.


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