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Thursday, December 2, 2010

post #4

"when we were young we used to say
that you only hear the music when your heart begins to break
now we are the kids from yesterday."

back to early june, so many years ago,
every day was a new adventure, but more of the same.
the sidewalk was the only thing between us; now thousands of miles fall between.
our own world was only a scooter or bike ride away.
when i think you, i think freedom.
i also think of the past.
every summer was you and i; we took the days and never gave them back.
we would spend every minute together, doing everything.
when we were younger we played pretend,
when we got older we talked about the past, the present, the future.
... and maybe we played pretend a little more.
lazy days by your pool, filled with bug spray and firelight.
then i went away, and now i wonder where you are.
i always used to know.
there's something so beautifully tragic about falling out.
knowing a person so well, being with them every moment, and then forgetting they exist.
i remember you.
i hope you remember me.


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