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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

post #6

I have so many music-related posts. So I hope you don't mind another.

I have a lot of music-related dreams. Some plausible, some unrealistic, some downright bizarre. But don't all dreams fall under those categories? 

I recently had an idea. Or, if you will, a dream. One day, dear reader, I will dress up in Rastafarian garb (you know, dreadlocks, tie-dye shirt, the works), stand out on the street and sing every Bob Marley song I know. I think that makes about four (I love that I proclaim myself as a Bob Marley fan. I'm kind of a hypocrite. Oh well.) You may be thinking, What gave you this idea in the first place?, Why Bob Marley?, or the ever obvious, Are you out of your mind?

I can answer all of these questions. To the first, my brain gave me the idea. And my brain is a very dangerous, eccentric place. Especially when it is this overworked, this tired. And to the second question, why not Bob Marley? He preaches a message of happiness and positivity and I think we need more of that in the world, to be quite honest. And to the final question, I can only answer yes. 

So obviously, this "dream" falls under the bizarre category. But fear not, I may be a tad bit crazy, but I can be normal every once in a while.

Heh, funny. 

Anyways, I have many other music dreams as well. I dream to play guitar and piano well. And the ukelele. And lately I'm becoming fascinated with the cello. But I digress. Mainly, I just want to sing in public, because I can't. No, really, I literally can't. It is physically impossible for me to sing on pitch when another human being is near me. I dream to overcome this fear; this is my biggest dream.

Another piece of the puzzle that is me.


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