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Friday, December 10, 2010

post #20

"the only hope for me is you alone."
I realize I've started at least half of my twenty posts this quarter with a quote, but I just had to use this one as a central point of another post. It describes me perfectly at this moment.

I? Am hopeless. I just wander without a care, going through motions and living each day without thought. I can't stand this. I know I probably posted the exact same thing last quarter, but I feel like nothing changes. I'm not doing anything. I'm always too lazy.

When all my strength is gone, when I feel like it's too much, You're there. I know You are. I see You in the sunrise and the sunset and in laughter and hugs. You're with me. But I'm not with You. Why? I don't know. Maybe my subconscious decided it was too much work.

I feel like You're always trying to tell me something, but I'm too busy to listen.

Maybe my headphones are up too loud.

You're the only One I'll turn them down for.


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