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Friday, December 10, 2010

post #14

This is an except from a novel I never finished. Keep in mind that this character is a male celebrity, and is as shallow and girly as they come. Enjoy.


I can't believe those jerks. Sure, she looked a little different without her makeup, but not in a bad way. She always had this glow about her. That didn't change. She looked just as beautiful as ever.



Where did that come from?

Sure, Audrey's cool and hot and everything, but... beautiful. I can't remember ever thinking of her as beautiful.

But she is.

Petite, delicate, artistic frame, with legs that went on for days... the way her dark black bangs fall lightly on long eyelashes, big, alien-esque blue eyes, button nose, full pink lips, dimples, perfect white smile... The girl was beautiful.

How did I miss it? How did I not see it before?

Audrey Billings was beautiful.

Everyone else seemed to know it. I guess I missed the memo, or something.
Or maybe no else truly knew it, realized it. Maybe I was the first person to figure it out.

Sure, words like beautiful were tossed around a lot in Hollywood. I might've been called beautiful once or twice, or handsome, maybe. What a laugh. I'm not beautiful. Audrey is.

Audrey Rose Billings is beautiful.

And it wasn't just her exterior. No, of course not. I knew as well as anyone that Audrey's real beauty was in her heart. I might as well smack myself in the face for sounding so stupid, so cliche, but come on.

Audrey is funny, intelligent, and has insane music knowledge. And most importantly, Audrey had more love in her heart than any girl in the world. She cares about everything, and everyone. She knew how to cheer up the hardest of hearts better than the rest. Well, maybe not as well as Nate, but he was gifted and all that crap.
I lost my train of thought. Oh yeah, Audrey Billing's beauty. How do you even start, with such a broad, vast topic?

I really need to stop hanging around Ryland. That idiot actually thinks sounding dramatic and poetic and... un-manly will make him sound smarter. He still sounds like an idiot.

Okay, train of thought lost again. But case in point, Audrey is perfect.

And I'm in love with her.

Yeah, I'm totally screwed.


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